Privacy Statement:

Blue Dream Apps is committed to the protection of personal and privacy information of its visitors. Blue Dream Apps will never collect or request information from visitors on areas like medical data, religious or political affiliations, or sexual orientation.

In case a visitor chooses to provide us any personally-identifiable data, and “opts-ins” voluntarily permitting us to use the data for prospecting, sales, or/and marketing purposes, we will keep the data in strict confidence and treat it with an equal confidentiality and respect, as we treat the trade secrets and proprietary information of our company. Any personally-identifiable data is never sold, rented, exchanged or bartered by us with or to any third party for marketing purposes or monetary gains.

Security Precautions:

Blue Dream Apps takes every measure necessary to ensure that its network as well as the data collected, are completely safe and secure. We treat all data stored in our server as confidential and proprietary, and do not allow the data's availability to the public. The internal security policy of Blue Dream Apps is highly strict regarding the confidentiality of customer data and other important information. We restrict the authority of accessing customer data to only those personnel, who need to be informed about such data in order to deliver our services effectively.